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Grip Strut Safety Grating

Cooper B-Line is the manufacturer of the original GRIP STRUT® Safety Grating. Moreover, test after test proves that no other safety grating makes the grade!

Most importantly, GRIP STRUT® Industrial Safety Grating accessories are available to satisfy nearly any requirement. Please consult the Cooper B-Line catalog or contact us for more information.

Grip Strut Safety Grating

Therefore, when your running boards have become unsafe because they are broken, missing or bent, step up to the “GRIP STRUT® Advantage”. Cooper B-Line “GRIP STRUT®” running boards, brake steps and end platforms offer the safest, most skid-resistant walking surface available.

End Platforms and Brake Steps:
Cooper B-Line brake steps and end platforms include brake chain collar reinforcements for added strength and a universal mounting slot pattern for ease of application. GRIP STRUT® Safety Plate features a serrated surface to grab shoe soles tightly and provide solid slip resistance in all directions. Large, diamond shaped openings keep hazardous snow, ice and mud off the surface. There are no traps to collect deposits and cause slippage. End platforms and brake steps, formed from a single piece of Grip Strut® Safety Plate have no joints to loosen or break from vibration or impact.

Running boards include end channel supports for minimal deflection while walking. Boards equipped with grab irons have super strength mounting pads to ensure maximum protection where it is needed most. Call us today for you walkway requirements. GRIP STRUT® Safety Plate is AAR-approved, and the self-cleaning design exceeds Federal anti-slip requirements.