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Meditation Drum


Meditation Drum


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Find Peace Within - Create a serene environment of inner peace and enjoy effortless meditation with this ambient drum music. For the first time, meditation music has been created with global drums as the main instrument. With the addition of with resonating Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and gentle Native American Flute, you are gently drawn into a peaceful and nourishing state of inner peace. David amp; Steve Gordon have now combined their 27 years of experience making relaxation music and drum music into an entirely new kind of meditation music. Let the steady beats anchor you to your own center, your place of power, where you can breathe and be whole.


Such is the magic of Meditation Drum, David and Steve Gordon's latest creation. Artfully weaving gentle shamanic drums with crystal and Tibetan bowls as well as Native American flute, Meditation Drum is the first meditation album that I know of to use the call of the drum to initiate a meditative state. Hypnotic, sensuous and deliciously potent, the extended length (almost 67 minutes!) makes Meditation Drum an exquisite vehicle for accessing the infinite energy of unconditional love. For all those who respond to the siren call of the drum, Meditation Drum will feel like coming home to our sacred Earth Mother. --"i"Steve Ryals, Nationally Syndicated Music Columnist"br""br"MEDITATION DRUM is a convergence of David amp; Steve Gordon's prowess with percussion and their highly effective relaxation and meditation releases. Inspired by the ways in which ancient cultures used drums as a part of healing rituals, David amp; Steve chose to create an album that emphasizes the calming, centering nature of slow, relaxing drum beats. The album utilizes an impressive array of drums from different cultures, ranging from the Egyptian tar and African dun duns to Native American drums and Celtic bodhran. This results in a very full, multifaceted sound. Some light Native flute playing adds a touch of melody to the soundscape, and Tibetan and crystal bowls provide an underlying drone. Listeners will find this meditative sonic environment to be both hypnotic and entrancing, helping them to embark on inner journeys with ease. -- Music Design in Review

Unlike previous releases in this label's Drum series, Meditation Drum (with David Gordon and Steve Gordon joined by Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran) strives for a slow, sensual and introspective vibe, and the results are overwhelmingly successful. This is a great recording and should provide good accompaniment to activities that call for slow tempo percussion and drumming laced with sparse melodic accompaniment (flute, acoustic guitar, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls). The sheer number of drums and percussion featured on the CD is staggering and each of the four long tracks focuses on a different world/ethnic influence, lending unexpected and enjoyable variety. --"i"Bill Binkelman, NAR Magazine

Meditation Drum

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