PERF-O GRIP® is a plank metal grating offering a slightly less aggressive surface than GRIP STRUT®. Perf-O Grip® Grating's unique surface of large debossed holes and perforated buttons provides slip protection under practically all conditions. With 5-inch high side channels, PERF-O GRIP® walkways meet OSHA requirements for toe boards on elevated structures. PERF-O GRIP's ® light weight and resilient design makes the product easy to handle and to install, producing a very economical walking or working surface.

TRACTION TREAD panels have a surface of perforated raised buttons. The perforations allow spillage to drain and break oil film, detergent, and other slippery agents away from the walking surface. TRACTION TREAD® is ideal for pedestrian traffic and the button design is the best in the industry for allowing both women in heels, and workers in boots, to walk comfortably and safely over the surfaces. This product is offered in formed planks, 36" x 120" sheets and ladder rungs. TRACTION TREAD® services many applications such as pedestrian walkways, scaffold planking, mezzanines, stair treads, the resurfacing of worn materials, etc.óuseful anywhere a light slip-resistant flooring is required.

GRATE-LOCK Grating is an easy-to-install system of interlocking planks, treads and accessories, providing safe, sturdy footing for mezzanine floors, billboards, highway signs, rooftop walkways and other applications. Increased load performance has been achieved through interlocking planks and a "ventilated" rung design. Hundreds of sole-gripping dimples ensure a safe surface in all kinds of environments. GRATE-LOCK® lets you specify lighter gauge steel for substantial material savings. GRATE-LOCK® can also be ordered without textures, making a product uniquely suited for rack decks, clean rooms and ceilings.

Solid Deck Planks are also available.

LAMBDA-LOK® is a patented solid plank flooring that does not duplicate conventional grating. Carts roll freely on LAMBDA-LOK's ® strong ribbed surface. Unique "V"-LOKS support the ribbed surface on centers chosen by you or your load requirements. The planks lock together without the need for nuts, bolts, or crimping tools. Patented, positive attachment holds planks in place, yet provides an "unlocking" feature for later removal or replacement. LAMBDA-LOK® is right at home in applications for mezzanines, catwalks, subfloors, walkways or inverted for ceilings.

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