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About Powerstrut.Com

Power Engineering Co., Inc., Metal Specialties, Shrewsbury, MA

Powerstrut.Com is a leading supplier of Powerstrut metal framing products for many mechanical applications and other building construction uses . Powerstrut metal framing is widely used by electrical contractors to support conduit, panel boxes, raceway systems, lighting support systems, and other electrical components.

Powerstrut Strut Metal Framing is available in a variety of materials and finishes including steel, stainless steel, aluminum products and fiberglass. Other added finishes like powder coat, epoxy, zinc plate and hot dip galvanized are also available. The complete line of products and leading reputation for quality and service make Power Strut your practical choice for metal framing, fasteners and threaded rod in all materials, steel, stainless steel, and

Powerstrut Strut Metal Framing System
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Other Metal and Safety Grating Systems

Grip Strut Safety Grating Products

Grip Strut Safety Grating stop slip-ups from any direction while it grips soles securely in any direction and permits quick drainage of fluids, chips, mud, ice and snow. It has high strength-to-weight performance through its design criteria. Fast installation is achieved due to light, easy to handle planks. Grip Strut is economical due to its low material cost, ease of handling and longevity due to it’s rust-resisting materials and finishes. Bar grating in all sizes,materials and finishes including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, molded and protruded, and fiberglass structural shapes. Woven and welded wire cloth for security screens,hand-rail in-fills,and all kinds of partitions and guards. Perforated and expanded metal available in all your standard patterns and materials.

gripstrut safety products

B-Line Products

B-Line acquired GS Metals in 2007 to become the sole manufacturer of GRIP STRUT™ safety grating product line. With a unique one-piece diamond shape,it provides one of the best slip resistance surfaces use by many of our clients around the country including professional sports stadiums, railcar platforms, warehouse mezzanines and hospital rooftop walkways just to name a few. B-Line’s workforce and world class engineers continues to provide the best product in the industry.

Slip resistance in all directions makes the B-Line Grip Strut™ product line the best designed safety grating solution in the market today. Grip Strut™ is a great choice for catwalks, vehicle steps, stair treads, work platform, transportation servicing areas and rooftop walkways just to name a few. If you can think of a new application then we can design it for you. Surfaces like mud, ice, snow, oil, detergents are other slippery conditions calls for a Grip Strut™ product to eliminate the dangers these conditions can present.